to Bainbridge Farms

We are a family farm with Simon and Claire Bainbridge, our two children Abigail and George and Simons parents, Ivan and Elisabeth. We farm 1,650 acres of the Northumberland uplands organically.

With 160 Suckler Cows, 1,500 breeding ewes and 24,000 free range layers we are kept pretty busy. We produce all the feed for the sheep and cattle on the holding and produce all our own replacements for the breeding stock on the farm.


STAY circle

We have spent time creating a spacious home providing a relaxing environment and hope you enjoy your stay.


BAKERY circle

Our traditional village bakery in Rothbury has provided fresh baked bread, pastries and treats for many years.


beef circle

The simple yet efficient nature of Simon Bainbridge’s Angus and Hereford cross-bred suckler herd is a tribute to his clear focus.


SHEEP circle

We are aiming to produce a versatile sheep that can live in the Northumberland Uplands, yet still produce good lambs to sell commercially.


HENS circle

Our 12,000 organic hens have access to 15 acres of grass, trees and hedges all planted for them.


GROWING circle

Growing all our own feed for our cattle and sheep is important. It ensures in quickly protecting the soils and environment is key.